Friday, March 14, 2008

a desire for declarations.

sometimes - always - i wonder what i believe. faith in something bigger was not a choice in my younger years - is it now?
i want it to be.
some times.
the 'some' gets longer and longer.

is it time to leave the word christian behind?
the bullshit that surrounds this must be separated from.
i've been trying redefine this word for long times.
maybe now i need to cut it off.
and with disdain look at the pieces.

but i have never been able to do anything black.
or white.

only grey.

what do i do with the ropes that have tied me to all this?
the small fragile threads still exist in me
- yet -
they are not as easy to break as i might like.


Unknown said...

Me too. Feels a bit post-breakup-ish, but also gestational. I'm debating 'coming out' to my Christian friends about this...

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

sometime the small thin thread is titanium though....and it holds fast.

Anonymous said...

childhood memories are some of the best memories you can have; chilhood learning are some of the worst brainwashing you can have.