Sunday, June 22, 2008

i love white. this year i painted my room and all the furniture i've found white. i love artwork with amazing contrasting colours - bright colours showing through black - corals, turquoises....
but my own painting has not had this contrast. and in a number of pieces this year i've created these white blocks that look almost like veils or screen over parts of the work that is already quite transparent and light. so, when my instructor installed some white fabric and lights for us to paint she figured that at least i would be satisfied with the assignment.
and the result has been almost impossible to photograph and goes unnoticed when it became the only piece of work i've been able to put up in my space this year. and posted here it does nothing. but, the result feels like it captured something for me.
since this was finished in april i've been trying to work with the same palette. and i keep painting over what i've done - not something i often do.

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